spc01 OLD CAR SEPIA (jci)
1917 Lafance Simolex dual chain drive speedster
14.5 Ltr 6 Cylinder 3 Speed (no synchromesh)
5-8 mpg
Capacity Fuel 40 gal, Cooling System 8 gal.
spc02 Red Morgan (jci)
Obliging driver posed on cue
spc03 Stars Stripes & Yellow Cabs
5th Ave on a Sunday morning in June.
spc04 Much Wenlock HighSt (jci)
Old English Village St
spc05 Tontine Frontage (jci)
The Main St approach to the World Heritage Ironbridge
spc06 Kayak Ben (jci)
Kayaking on the River Severn
spc06 Cabs at Junction
Yellow Cabs at a 5th Ave junction.
spc08 Tea Emporium (jci)
Opposite The Ironbridge
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spc08 Tea Emporium (jci)

Opposite The Ironbridge