m11 Wenlock Abbey Ruins (jci)
Priory, or St Milburga's Priory, is a ruined 12th century monastery, located in Much Wenlock, Shropshire,
m10 Eye Eye (jci)
Winking Eagle Owl
m01 Stavanger Norway (jci)
The Harbour of Stavanger Norway.
m02 5th Ave Blocks (jci)
A view from the top of Rockefeller Tower.
m03 REACH (jci)
While practicing with manual focus
m04 Fallow Field (jci)
Deeside North Wales
m05 Pulpit Rock (jci)
Norwegian fjord
Created by nature over 1,000s of years.
m06 Brixham Harbour (jci)
Devon Coast
m07 Waterfall (jci)
Norwegian fjords
m08 Blooming Rose (jci)
Garden Rose
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