ba 10 Eagle Owl
ba 09 Black and Tan Horses
This pair approached and invited me to take their picture so I obliged.
ba01 Peregrine Falcon (jci)
Young Falcon on display.
ba02 Squirrel with Conker (jci)
This little feller prefers chestnuts to acorns.
ba07 Saker Falcon (jci)
This Saker Falcon was Hatched at the local Falconry.
ba03 Swan in clear water (jci)
One of my first shots using my Lumix G2
ba08 Big Yawn (jci)
Neighbours cat tired of posing.
ba04 Goose on lake (jci)
Geese on Ellesmere
ba05 Eye Eye (jci)
This young Eagle Owl kept winking at me I have the next shot with the eye closed.
I'll try loading a giff later.
ba06 Snowy Owl (jci)
Snowy Owl hatched at the local falconry.
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ba04 Goose on lake (jci)

Geese on Ellesmere